Farm livestock is subject to routine vaccination. Also, specific prophylaxis with the help of live brucellosis vaccines is indicated for persons directly working with animals.
The means of individual prevention also include overalls for working with animal raw materials, strict adherence to the rules of triamcinolone 10mg tablet.
Bang and Traum's disease, Bruce's septicemia, Maltese, Neapolitan, modulating fever - under what terms does not hide the infectious disease brucellosis.

Since then, this disease has been called Maltese fever.

For what reasons can a person become infected with brucellosis and what kind of symptoms will the acute and chronic course of the disease have? How often do people get infected today? What is the treatment and prevention measures? All these questions will be answered below.

A little over 200 years ago, scientists started talking about it. Many facts are known about this infection, one of which is the chronic course of the disease and extensive damage to organs and systems. What is brucellosis and what is the causative agent of this infection?

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Bacteria were subsequently named after the English scientist.

After that, it turned out that not only people can get an infection - throughout the last century, many works have been written on the detection of aristocort over the counter agent of brucellosis in animals. Brucellosis is caused by bacteria of the genus Brucella. Nowadays, 6 types of microorganisms are known to cause this disease.

What can be said about the causative agent of infection? These are ordinary gram-negative bacteria, almost all of their species are similar to each other. Grows easily on simple nutrient media. At what temperature does the causative agent of brucellosis die? - bacteria do not like high temperatures - they die in just 30 minutes at 60 ° C, and instantly when boiled.


And only 4 of them are extremely dangerous for humans:

But there are suggestions that several more species of Brucella are pathogenic for humans. To low degrees, the causative agent of brucellosis, on the contrary, is resistant. The difference between the bacteria is the ability to secrete endotoxin, and under the influence of antibiotics, they turn into the L-form, which can exist for a long time in the human body. At the moment of direct sunlight, bacteria die, as well as under the influence of all available disinfectants.

Brucellosis is an acute infectious-allergic disease caused by bacteria. Both people and animals can get sick. Due to the peculiarities of order triamcinolone and behavior of the pathogen at the time of exposure to drugs, brucellosis often becomes chronic, and the number of complications can only increase over time. Bacteria stay inside human cells for a long time, parasitizing and depleting organs and systems.


Causes of human infection.

Brucellosis is transmitted in several ways. An important part of the disease is that it belongs to the professional category. That is, mass cases of infection of livestock workers and farm workers or large enterprises processing animal hair are known. Although in our time the disease is becoming less common.

Ways of transmission of brucellosis are as follows. The main way is alimentary or contact, while working with infected animals on the farm. Moreover, bacteria can be found in absolutely everything: bedding, feed, wool, and drinking water are contaminated with secretions from sick cattle. The causative agent is often found in products: in meat up to 20 days, in dairy up to 60.


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Is brucellosis transmitted from person to person? - No, this way of infection is completely excluded.
An aerogenic mechanism of infection transmission is possible during the inhalation of particles of dust, wool, and earth. Brucella transplacentally penetrate into the amniotic fluid, they are found in large quantities in the placenta and in all tissues of the baby.

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The source of brucellosis for humans are the following animals:

Infection of people occurs at the time of contact with contaminated objects through the wound surface (scratch, abrasion, cut) or during the use of products. Workers of livestock farms in 100% of cases become infected when cutting meat, an increase in the incidence is also associated with calving of livestock.



As already mentioned, the infection enters through the wound surface during contact of a person with infected objects. Brucella enters the body both through damaged skin and through mucous membranes.
Macrophage cells rise to fight the pathogen, but they only capture the infection and bring it to the lymph nodes. On the way, the bacteria actively multiply, and getting into the lymph flow, they lead to local inflammation of the lymph nodes.